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"'Outlook not so good.' That magic 8-ball knows everything! I'll ask about Exchange Server next."

Modern Tactical
Modern Tactical is an online firearm and tactical gear store delivery the best products with superior customer service. The store carries everything from Stocks to Grips, Sights and Scopes, Camping Equipment, Magazines, Holsters and more. With gear from popular brands such as Magpul, BlackHawk!, Troy, Hogue, Ergo and more. Whether you are looking to upgrade your AR platform, improve your accuracy at the range or feel safe and secure protecting your home and your family, Modern Tactical has what you are looking for.
Inside Golf

Inside Golf, a television show on Comcast Sports Network, came to Purple Cow Technology in March of 2001 with a problem. Shows had begun airing back in January and Inside Golf was lacking a web site to complement the show. They needed a site in a hurry. Inside Golf required the ability to update their site weekly; but were unable to it themselves. The solution: a fully dynamic web site that Inside Golf can update whenever they need to through a web form. Course reviews and contests need to be added on a weekly basis, so a date field gives Inside Golf the control they need to keep their site current with the latest information. Photographs of the courses they visit are uploaded through a form that dynamically adds copyright information and the address of their web site to the picture. A thumbnail image is also created dynamically for fast loading.
Movie Database Project for CS 280 (Internet Explorer Only)

This was a demo for a web design class CS280 Programming Interactive Web Based Applications. This site was created by using Active Server Pages, XML, XSL, and Style Sheets. Internet Explorer is required to view this site because of the Cascading Style Sheet language used for the drop down list given in class.
Java Servlet & JSP Development for INSYS 341

Programming for Internet Information Systems II is the second Java Development class in the Information Systems major. The class began with creating simple Servlets, then progressing to an Oracle backend for database connection. Later the class was taught JSP, with a very light touch of Java Beans in the final weeks. All assignments have been posted here.

The final group project, was to replace the teachers website. Professor Xia Lin, wanted a site where he could dynamically create classes, add students, post lecture notes, and have the students upload their homework through the web page. The site consists of pages written in Java Servlets, Oracle backend, and is using the JSPSmartUpload component to handle uploads. To create a new student account, click the new users link, and use "student1" for the log in and password. To log in as admin, the login and password is "admin".

This section is temporarily down until I can reconfigure the Java Server.

I came to the company with no prior knowledge of ASP, JavaScript, or VBScript. I was given a book upon arriving there, and started learning. Within the first few weeks, the ESIS department needed to convert their Operations Manual from a "help file" to a web format that is simple to use and can be easily distributed over the company Intranet. Because the manual is updated quarterly, the information had to be converted it to a database, so they could update it whenever needed. Unfortunately, the work was created as a part of their Intranet, so the web page is only visible from inside their network.

The second site completed for Cigna was also for their ESIS department. They needed a Self Assessment Guide, which the workers out in the field can use to review their project status. After completing the form, it is to be given to their manager in one of two ways, either by sending it online or by printing it. The manager can use this information to help allocate resources for those who need it.
Computer Graphic Work

The following are samples of graphical work. The majority of pictures were created in Illustrator and Photoshop.
Weblinc, LLC Work

Leapin' Lizards, A Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store
A Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store located in Ridgewood, New Jersey, offering the latest clothing and the hottest fashions from Lilly Pulitzer, Buck Ray and Lacoste. As a part of Northern New Jersey, you can be comforted knowing that when you purchase clothing from Leapin' Lizards you get the quality and assurance of tax free shopping.
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